In the 608: The Camera Company; what’s old is new again

MADISON, Wis. – What was once old is new again. There’s a local company offering many ways to inspire others in capturing and creating amazing images.

The Camera Company is a locally-owned business that has been inspiring photographers for over 40 years.

Their manager, Wendy Busa, tells News 3 Now she’s inspired by photography, the power of an image, and other people’s creativity.

“It just keeps drawing me back in,” Busa said. “The creativity of my customers is amazing. It’s always different, so it’s fun to see everything from the fine arts stuff to the family stuff. I just love it.”

Busa says she’s seen a lot folks over the pandemic doing what she calls Covid cleaning. Basically, people are taking the time to archive and restore those old precious photos, slides and movies, and the camera company can do it all in house.

This is their biggest time of year with the holiday season underway. With a lot of supply chains experiencing shipment delays, they offer a unique hands-on shopping experience.

Inside, you’ll find all sorts of camera equipment to buy or rent. There’s also the ability to print those images on metal or canvas and even the opportunity to create beautiful artwork for your walls.

Busa says it’s inspiring to see younger generations getting into it more and more, too.

“It’s cool, it’s like what’s old is new again. So there’s a new trend,” Busa added. “A lot of young kids are going old school with old fashion film cameras. We’re all about sharing our knowledge.”

If you’re looking for a last minute-gift or stocking stuff, they might have just what you’re looking for in making that Christmas present a little more personal.

The Camera Company has two locations in town.