In the 608: September is ‘Eat Local Month’

Willy St Coop

MADISON, Wis. — Many of us here in the 608 know how important it is to support local, especially after the tough times we’ve experienced over the last year and a half.

Through the month of September, Willy Street Co-op is making it even easier to eat local.

Local foods tend to be fresher than those shipped from across the country or farther away and fresh food has more nutrients. You’re also supporting your local farmers and keeping the agricultural viability of their communities alive.

Right now, Willy Street Co-op locations are highlighting local products with special signage, running additional sales on local items, and giving away $1,200 worth of local products. All you have to do is go their website or social media, where each week, they’re giving away three prizes worth $100 each of local products.

When you put it into numbers, for every $20 you spend on local products at the Co-op, about 92% of that money stays local. $12.80 goes to the local producers, $5.10 goes to employee wages and benefits, $0.40 goes to local events, sponsorships, donations, promotions and the access discount, and $1.70 is left to cover our occupancy and overhead costs.

Willy Street Co-op defines local foods as being produced within 150 miles of the state capitol or anywhere in Wisconsin.