In the 608: OhYa Studio inspiring positivity with murals in the community

MADISON, Wis. – A couple of local artists are inspiring positive change in the community. You may have seen murals by OhYa Studio popping up around the Madison area over the last few years.

Brian Kehoe and Ray Mawst have more than 40 years combined professional experience. Their backgrounds are in lettering, fine art, illustration, sign painting, sculpture and graphic design.

Their hope series started with a mural on Park Street that reads “hold on to hope.” Another one on Monroe Street reads “I wish you love and happiness” which is inspired by the late country music singer John Prine.

They showed us one of their most recent projects up close and personal on Madison’s southwest side. They designed a mural in the gym of Meriter’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Hospital. The mural covers the wall, spanning 65 feet wide by 14 feet tall. It’s one they’re particularly proud of.

“We’re fighting the struggles of life, and sometimes I think we lose track that it’s not me personally, it’s everybody, who’s dealing with moving forward with whatever they’re dealing with,” Kehoe said. “We all need encouragement, and we try to do our part in being a positive force in the community to encourage that.”

Their clients so far have included small businesses, municipalities, commercial real estate, restaurants, retailers and agencies.

“In our own isolation, we just wanted to get out there,” added Ray Mawst. “We realized we weren’t the only people that were feeling this isolation, so we wanted to get out there and spread some positive messages to try to assure people that things will eventually get better.”

You can find more of Oh Ya Studio’s work by clicking here.