In the 608: Monona woman helping to support dog-friendly businesses

Copper Ridge Dog Training

MONONA, Wis. – Today is National Puppy Day, and there’s a Monona woman who’s making it her mission to help the community become even more dog-friendly.

Allison Stoffel runs Copper Ridge Dog Training, named after dog, Copper, a golden retriever lab mix. Her hope is to try and make a positive difference in the age of COVID-19.

Growing up with dogs her whole life, Allison’s goal is to give people the skills they need to get out of the house and enjoy dog-friendly businesses, especially as adoptions and sales of dogs are soaring during the pandemic.

“A lot of people have said, you know we have the time right now, we’re home all day, let’s get a dog,” Stoffel explained. “That’s been really fun, but it’s hard working all day at home with the dog that doesn’t have the best manors when you’re on the Zoom call, or you’re trying to help the kids and you also have a dog running around. We work a lot with what we call COVID puppies to help with some of the behaviors as people are working from home more with these new dogs.”

Stoffel’s newest training program, Patio Pups, is all about supporting dog-friendly bars, restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops. They hope to get people out to practice social skills with their dogs, with the goal of supporting these businesses this summer as patios open up and become increasingly popular.

If you’d like to learn more about Copper Ridge Dog Training, click here. You can also learn more on their Facebook page.