In the 608: Meet the podcasters behind ‘Real Estate in the 608’

Real Estate In The 608

MADISON, Wis. – The housing market continues to be competitive for buyers, resulting in higher home prices and quick-selling homes.

Both Adam Elliott and Ben Anton hold a lot of history in the Madison community, and after being disappointed in so many national podcasts on real estate, they wanted to do something hyperlocal.

“I’ve been selling real estate for almost fifteen years, and I’m having to look up acronyms to keep up with these podcasters,” Anton explained. “I thought that this is not for me or something for somebody who’s just trying to be better at living in a home.”

In its third season now, “Real Estate in the 608” is a Madison real estate magazine for your ears. With Adam’s knowledge of radio and Ben’s career as a broker, they are the perfect pair, especially in the midst of a housing crisis.

“It gives us ample opportunity to talk about things that are going on and it gives us a chance to talk about some of the real issues that affect people,” said Elliott.

While life comes with a lot of difficult conversations, especially when it comes to housing, Ben and Adam say it’s all about making it easy for the listener to understand the highs and the lows, while leaving them with a positive taste as they go about their day.

“There are a lot of people that listen just for the fun, and I think there are also some people who are able to give it a listen and get a better understanding of some real estate understandings that they may not realize they’re a part of,” Anton said.

Whether you’re interested in investment properties, improving your own home, or are looking into getting your first place, Ben and Adam truly cover it all when it comes to real estate in the 608.

“We’re not trying to gain a national audience because we focus on Madison and Dane County, and that’s what we think is important to people in this area,” Elliott added.

While they keep it informational, you’re bound to learn something with a little humor involved, as well.

“There’s a personal element to Ben and I, too, is that we are friends,” Adam said. “So it’s like us having a conversation, and then you are invited to that conversation as the listener.”

Local means something to these two podcasters. Ben and Adam also feature local musicians on their podcasts and have specials guests on each show.

You can find “Real Estate in the 608” on most podcast platforms. You can also learn more by going to their website or social media.