In the 608: Marv’s Farm Toys & Antiques

MONROE, Wis. – There’s a man in Green County who’s become the go-to for all things farm toys and antiques in southern Wisconsin. You’ll find Marvin Rufi living the dream.

“I used to go deer hunting,” explained Marvin. “Now I don’t deer hunt I hunt toys. For me it’s just living in heaven.”

The 77-year-old Monroe man is known for his store, Marv’s Farm Toys and Antiques, located in an alleyway off the historic downtown square.

What started as his small hobby about twenty years ago is likely the oldest farm toy store in Wisconsin now, and one of the few of its kind across the country.

“I’m not in it for the money as much as the fun of it really,” Marv added.

Marvin has been a carpenter for more than 50 years, which makes sense when you see some of the tools and items he has inside.

“Before I was physically working all the time, and I enjoyed doing that, but I never dreamt that I’d have something like this that I’d enjoy this much,” Marv said.

There isn’t much you can’t find there, from kids to adults toys and even a few antiques, too.

“Of course the high collectable ones get up there in money, but I like them, so I figured somebody else will too and they do, you’d be surprised what I sell.”

Marvin says people travel from near and far, sometimes not even knowing what they’re after.

“They become like family,” he added. “I get old timers coming in. They’ll spend two hours in here just looking, and they may not buy anything, but they still have a good time.”

Marv hopes to keep it going for another twenty years, even if he doesn’t make another dime.

Marv is only open on Saturdays, and it’s in-store only. He feels no reason to be online with the business he already receives.