In the 608: Local women spreading positivity in the classroom

MADISON, Wis. – There’s a women-owned business working to spread some positivity across area classrooms.

Kalise Horst, Pam Klein and Aly Lynch run “Steeping Wellness.” They work with school districts around the Dane County area with a goal of bringing wellness opportunities to educators, specifically as it relates to self-care.

This includes everyone in education, like teachers, aides, food service providers, and bus drivers. Steeping Wellness believes now more than ever, it’s important to take care of our educators.

Kalise Horst is the CEO and Wellness Adviser. She’s a former teacher and current school district wellness coordinator.

“We hear so much about social and emotional learning, but the thing about social and emotional learning for the students is, if the teachers aren’t taking care of themselves and are not given the time or tools to take care of themselves, there is actually research out there that shows it can have the opposite effect on the students,” Horst explained. “So it is really important that we’re taking care of the teachers so that they can bring it on to the students.”

Horst’s passion behind this project is to infuse wellness throughout districts in the state of Wisconsin.

They started before the pandemic on collaborating with school districts, and while they’re rooted in well-being for educators, they also work with businesses on overall wellness and personal development, which they believe is crucial in order to live a balanced life.

Pam Klein is the Director of Education & Corporate Programming.

“As an educator for more than twenty years, one of things I was most passionate about, in addition to teaching my students, was taking care of my colleagues,” Klein explained. “I really saw the value and the benefit of teachers to have someone supporting them, and I also saw how it transferred from them into the classroom.”

Steeping Wellness is also increasing their support by posting self-care tips several times a week on social media. They’re aiming to help support medical professionals during the pandemic.

They know the last year has been hard on everyone, so you can follow their social media pages for positive and useful advice.

If you’re interested in learning more about Steeping Wellness, click here.