In the 608: Local tortilla company getting statewide recognition

Tortilleria Zepeda

MADISON, Wis. – A local company that started right here in the 608 is getting some big recognition.

You’ll find Tortilleria Zepeda across the Madison area. Owners Heidi and Julian Zepeda make tortillas with locally-sourced corn, using traditional Mexican techniques.

The couple pitched their business to Wisconsin business leaders on Project Pitch It, which is similar to the hit show Shark tank. They were impressed with the Zepeda’s emphasis on local.

“I think it’s really good to know who’s growing your food and which ingredients you have in your food,” Julian said. “We are really making this clean for you with no preservatives, and I think that is also really important.”

The show awarded the couple $5,000, along with business assistance from an entrepreneurship center.

Tortilleria Zepeda was selected out of more than 300 to appear on the program, which airs on many TV stations across Wisconsin.

Originally of Puerto Vallarta, Julian wanted to come up with an authentic tortilla that he could be proud of, and they can’t thank consumers enough for supporting them every step of the way.

“We found a niche that we thought was just to fulfill Julian’s selfish need for a good corn tortilla, so we were pleasantly surprised that the whole community really rallied around us,” Heidi said.

You’ll find them in many grocery stores and restaurants across the 608. Click here for a complete list.