In the 608: Local man eats, sleeps and breathes Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. – There’s a man who’s proud to call the 608 home, and we’re learning more about how he’s spreading that Wisconsin spirit.

Jeremiah Logemann grew up in Mineral Point, but his creative adventure started when he saw a picture of JJ Watt’s Defensive Player of the Year trophy. Behind it was a beautiful American flag made from barn wood.

Jeremiah says he couldn’t afford to buy one at the time, so he decided to make his own flag with reclaimed barn wood from local farmers. He posted the picture of his first creation to social media and woke up that next morning to messages from people wanting to order flags of their own.

It became a full-time job two months later with the creation of “Flags Over Wisconsin” and Jeremiah hasn’t looked back.

“You don’t have to be a creative genius to come up with these ideas because we just love it here,” Logemann explained.

The reclaimed woodwork is his main business, but he also works with other local businesses. We met up with him at the Regal Find Gift Shop in downtown Middleton. There you can find his Wisconsin themed apparel, décor and other accessories.

This man eats, sleeps and breathes Wisconsin. He’s especially proud to show off what makes living here so great.

One of his more recent creations is special to the Capital City. Jeremiah made the Madison flag out of reclaimed barn wood.

“The fact that we have this kind of love and this kind of pride just makes my job super easy,” added Logemann. “I’ve always felt that you should love where you’re from, and love your home team. It’s pretty easy to love Wisconsin. It’s pretty easy to love the Badgers. It’s easy to love Madison.”

On some of his apparel, you’ll also find the image of what the manhole covers are portraying across the City of Madison.

Jeremiah is proud to work with local retail partners, especially now during the pandemic. If you’re looking for where you can find his stuff, click here. He’s got close to three dozen businesses he works with, so you won’t have to look too far.