In the 608: Local farmers giving back to communities that have supported them

LODI, Wis. – It’s National Dairy Month and a couple of Wisconsin women are giving back in a pretty unique way.

It’s no surprise the pandemic hit many people, especially businesses, hard over the last year.

Sydney Endres and Mariah Martin met while studying at UW-Madison together, and during the pandemic, they set out to help families here in the 608 and across the country.

“A goal of dairy farming is to feed their surrounding communities, and milk is one of the most requested items at foodbanks, so to be able to raise money and make it possible to help these foodbanks and put this product into the hands of families that really need it, this was a great way to do it,” Endres said.

With a background in marketing, Mariah designed ‘support local dairy farmers’ and ‘stay cheesy’ apparel to sell online.

“The reaction was like something we never imagined. The amount of support that we had from not only the Madison community, but Wisconsin, the Midwest, even across the nation, was outstanding in people wanting to give back in any way they could,” Martin explained.

So far, more than 1,500 shirts have been purchased nationwide. Because of the incredible support, they’ve been able to donate nearly almost $3,000 to Feeding America’s Great American Milk Drive and $19,000 in milk and cheese for Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin’s Adopt-A-Cow Program.

If you’re interested in supporting the mission, click here.