In the 608: Local doctor honored for his work during pandemic

MADISON, Wis. – Over the last year, our doctors here in the 608 have been at the forefront of an unprecedented time in medicine. On this National Doctors’ Day, we want to give some recognition to those who deserve it.

Dr. Kyle Martin is the Medical Director of Emergency Services at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital. He started there back in 2005.

Dr. Martin says this last year has been anything but easy, but he’s proud of the hard work by his colleagues. Dr. Martin tells News 3 Now that we should all feel good to be part of a community, where everyone, even separate health systems, are willing to work together and get the job done right.

“The level of teamwork that was there and still is there is something that really gives a lot of hope to how healthcare looks in the future,” Dr. Martin said. “We continue to learn and we continue to get better. I think the pandemic has really kind of forced healthcare to make some pretty big leaps and jumps in how we do things and how we take care of patients.”

Dr. Martin is well known here as being the best of the best, and he recently surprised with an Administrative Partnership Award for his pandemic planning. Dr. Martin says he’s humbled and honored but wouldn’t be where he’s at without the support of his entire team.

“I don’t have shift in my twenty years of emergency medicine that I haven’t had a nurse come up to me and say, hey what do you think about this or that, and I think, oh that’s actually a really good point, let’s go ahead and try that, and the techs, you know everybody is picking it up,” Dr. Martin explained. “Medicine is a team game.”

The UW graduate never thought Madison would be the place where he’d start his family, but now he says there’s no other place he’d rather call home.