In the 608: Josh gets his skin checked; see what habits he’s changing

MADISON, Wis. – It’s that time of year many families are planning trips to the lake or pool for some fun in the sun, but it’s important to remember those safety measures in protecting your skin.

UW Health Dermatologist Dr. Apple Bodemer recently ran a skin check on News 3 Now’s Josh Spreiter to show how easy it is in keeping track of any irregularities and the importance of getting regular checkups.

One of the biggest things Dr. Bodemer stresses, never get in a tanning bed.

“Tanning beds are bad. They’re basically unopposed exposure to UVA radiation. UVA and UVB are combined. That’s kind of what we see the most of in natural sunlight,” Dr. Bodemer explained. “UVB actually gives you a little protection but not enough to make a big difference. It still increases your risk for skin cancer. UVA radiation without that little protection from UVB really can go deeper into the skin, and even though it’s not causing a burn, it’s still a significant amount of DNA damage.”

Dr. Bodemer says self-tanners are the best option for if you want to look tan once you get outside.

She encourages folks to stay out of the sun as much as possible, avoid the midday sun and find some shade if you can, remember the proper protective clothing, such as brimmed hats to cover the head and face and then loose fitting clothes as well to help protect you from the rays.

As far as how much sunscreen you should use, Dr. Bodemer says about a handful is all you need to cover your whole body.

Wednesday on News 3 Now This Morning, we’re going to hear from a local woman who has battled melanoma in the past and is now warning others of her mistakes over the years.