In the 608: Inside look at CrossFit MadTown

MIDDLETON, Wis. – CrossFit MadTown has a long history within the CrossFit culture.

Opening in 2009, CrossFit MadTown was the first of its kind in Madison. According to its website, CrossFit MadTown was one of the first few hundred CrossFit gyms in the world out of what is now tens of thousands.

Coaches Skipp and Keysha Benzing have been involved with CrossFit since the very early days.

Whether you have never lifted a weight before or you have been swinging kettlebells for years, they say they help you improve your form and increase your efficiency.

Many of their regulars started at CrossFit MadTown with little to no experience. Coaches will guide you through each workout and help you improve your form and technique during every class. They train you in everything from strength, agility, and flexibility.

If you’d like to learn more about their mission, just go to their website.