In the 608: How Vitruvian Farms is supporting local communities

MCFARLAND, Wis. – Vitruvian is an organic produce farm located in McFarland. Early in the pandemic, the farm pivoted business models very quickly from primarily wholesale to local restaurants and grocery stores to an online farm store with home delivery and farm pick up options.

They’ve partnered with local farmers, makers, and chefs to offer a wide variety of products through the online store.

In addition to those items, customers can buy products grown right at Vitruvian, even in the middle of winter.

At Vitruvian Farms, most of the food is grown and consumed within a fifteen mile radius. According to the owners, most of the vegetables are harvested, washed, and delivered in one day. This means that the food tastes better and lasts longer because it is fresher.

Being local also means more jobs for our community.  Rather than buying produce from far away states or foreign countries, they say more of the money spent on their food stays in the local economy.

If you’d like to learn more about Vitruvian, click here.