In the 608: How golf courses, ranges are finding success

Vitense Golfland Pic

MADISON, Wis. – Over the last year, a lot of folks have been doing whatever it takes to spend some time outdoors. Golf quickly became a hit sport for many even during the winter.

Unlike sports like football, soccer and basketball, hitting the links allows for plenty of social distancing, while mask-wearing is a snap given golf’s leisurely pace. It can even be played alone, making golf an ideal pandemic pastime for those who can afford it.

In September, golfers played 12 million more rounds in the U.S. compared to 2019, a 26% jump, according to Golf Datatech, a market research firm.

Vitense Golfland in Madison has also seen a boost in business lately. Vitense took a hit at the start of the pandemic last year as they were forced to close. But now, they’re offering ways for people to get outside while still being socially distant during the pandemic.

They offer a super-heated tee area to keep you warm in any temperature while you view full flight of your golf ball on their outdoor golf range.

They have reduced outside sitting areas and tables to ensure and encourage social distancing. All food and beverages are delivered with their employees wearing gloves and face mask. They also say everything is sanitized between groups.

Owner Joel Weitz told News 3 Now This Morning that the outdoor miniature golf course is expected to be opening back up this week with the mild weather and snow melt.

If you’d like to learn more about Vitense Golfland or make reservations, click here.