In the 608: “Hero Wall” honoring nurses at UW Health

MADISON, Wis. – A Wisconsin man is looking to honor local nurses for all their hard work over the last year, and it’s now spreading positivity throughout this medical community.

Curtis Crain calls it his “Hero Wall.” You’ll find the work of art in a hallway of UW Hospital. It features portraits of some of the many nurses.

His vision was to create a group of images showing that together we are always more powerful than alone. Crain says nurses continue to inspire him more and more every day, so that’s why he’s choosing to observe and paint this life.

“It was emotional to be asked, spiritual to paint, and gratifying to have somebody say how much they liked it. It’s like a win-win all the way around, but again it’s not so much about me, it’s about them,” Crain explained. “And it’s just a lovely thing to do.”

Crain says he purposefully left the backgrounds white, and framed them in white, to help create the look and feeling of connection. He wanted to focus big on detail and color, with an intention to portray energy and spirit rather than a realistic rendering.

Crain says he will continue to paint and add more images as space permits.

If his name or work sounds and looks familiar, you may have come across it in area art galleries. Click here to learn more about his Curtis Crain.

UW Health is celebrating Nurses Week May 10-14.