In the 608: Growing interest in youth eSports

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. – A couple of local kids are working to change the gaming industry.

Code Ninjas Sun Prairie is giving kids ages 7 to 15 the opportunity to participate in competitive, organized video gaming.

They get to compete in things like Overwatch, Fortnite and Rocket League.

They’re actually led by certified coaches and receive access to professional-level gaming PCS and even custom jerseys

Officials say it’s an engaging game-based curriculum that teaches teamwork, logic, and problem solving.

Not only are they gaining some vital life skills, you can certainly tell it’s a lot of fun along the way, along with a boost in self-confidence.

“I get to kind of make a difference if more females want to join the league, and I just want to prove that we’re just as good as other people, and boys that play,” said 11-year-old participant Lilly Schulz.

Because this is such a thing of the future, officials say coding has been called “the literacy of the 21st century” for good reason. Just like math, science, and literature, coding is a key aspect of understanding our technologically-advanced world.

Both Schulz and teammate Matthea Jones qualified to go to nationals this past summer and are extremely talented.

“With the pandemic in 2021, I would just go here twice a week and that’s the only thing I really did to get out of the house, so that was very nice,” explained Jones.

They have been a part of the league since it started in late 2020, and both have interest in potentially making gaming a future career.

There’s a huge need for a generation that not only understands technology, but how it works.

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