In the 608: Find ‘your local, Wisconsin brand’ at The608 Store

KIELER, Wis. – Their population is so small they’re unincorporated, but to the locals, they have all they need.

News 3 Now visited The608 Store located at the Kieler Mall in Grant County. Wisconsin native Corey Kaiser is proud of where his store is going so far.

“I’ve always wanted to be around this area,” Kaiser said. “I love the community and the small-town feel.”

The608 Store is impacting folks miles and miles away. Kaiser started the business with one goal in mind: to give back to the place he’s proud to call home. He came up with the idea of creating a local Wisconsin brand, encompassing everything it means to live in the 608.

“You have to be with trendy things, especially for the younger generations or they’ll just slide right past you and that’s just how it is,” Kaiser explained.

Up the road at his parents’ screen printing business, stitch after stitch is done in finalizing the product, which you’ll also find all across social media.

It’s a small town creating bigger communities that all represent the same pride in spreading positivity.

“We all care about each other, and you just can’t get that anywhere else,” said Kaiser.

And those good vibes couldn’t come at a better time for many.

“I feel like the more positivity that we show, the easier it’s going to be to get through the pandemic,” Kaiser concluded.

Kaiser says it’s kind of this full circle moment. The community helped them build up their brand, and now he wants to give back. In the past six months, they’ve donated nearly $35,000 from the business back to the locals, both to area schools and businesses.

Corey tells News 3 Now they’re looking at opening up a store in Madison in the next year or so. They had to push back their original plans due to COVID-19, but for now you can still find their product in Kieler or online.