In the 608: Family business focuses on grass fed beef, food insecurities

BLANCHARDVILLE, Wis. – Farm to table has become a hot topic for many across the area, and some local folks are making it their mission to give back in a tasty way.

Justin and Brooke Paulson, along with their 6-year-old son Dexter, have being going strong with their business, Paulson Grass Fed Beef, since 2019

We visited them on their family farm near Blanchardville in Lafayette County.

The cows are grass-fed, meaning their herd lives a stress-free life spent grazing on the pasture. Their business is farm to table so you purchase fresh grass fed beef directly from them.

They tell News 3 Now farm to table is so important for small farm sustainability, giving you a better idea of where the food your family consumes comes from.

“Cattle are ruminants, meaning they’re able to eat and process grasses and other forage unlike humans as we can’t consume it,” Brooke explained. “But they’re able to eat it, digest it and turn it into protein for us to eat as humans.”

“One thing we never wanted to do was price ourselves out of the market,” Justin added. “We wanted to have reasonable prices so that way people had a chance to try it.”

The couple also began what they call “Beef with Benefits; Compassionate Cattle Monthly Giveaway” this year as a way to give back and help others to fight food insecurity.

“So what we do every month is any of our customers who purchase with us they are entered into a drawing, and whoever’s name gets chosen gets to nominate either an individual or family they know who might be facing food insecurity or an organization that is working to fight food insecurity,” Brooke explained.

A box of beef, a $100 value, is then is donated to the giveaway winners nomination. Since they started this effort in January, they’ve donated to school backpack programs and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

No matter what you’re looking for, they can make it happen for you. You can buy in bulk, or if you’re not looking for as much, you can buy small amounts of stuff from them, too, like just a couple of steaks or a few pounds of hamburger.

The best way to get in touch with them is through social media.