In the 608: Celebrating Rum Day with ‘Bartender 608’

MADISON, WI – Aug. 16 is National Rum Day and News 3 Now This Morning is celebrating with Bartender 608, a Madison-based beverage catering business.

“It really is a thing!” says ChinaMoon Crowell, Owner, Operator & Lead Intoxicologist of Bartender 608. “And August is perfect for it. Summer is a great time to have a refreshing fruity rum cocktail like a Mojito, Pina Colada, Hurricane or Dark and Stormy.”

Bartender 608, established in 2007, provides experienced bartenders, staff servers, bar-backs and all associated beverage amenities for social and residential events, private parties, intimate and big bash weddings, along with many other event types in Wisconsin, Iowa, Northern Illinois, and destination events.

Even though Wisconsin is known for Old Fashioneds, neither brandy nor whiskey is the state’s best-selling liquor. Believe it or not, that honor goes to Captain Morgan rum, according to data collected by the social app BARTENDr. Nationally, 26 percent of people of legal drinking age consider rum their “go-to alcohol.” That number goes up in the summer time when 37 percent of beach-goers opt for rum over any other liquor.

“People love ordering a fancy rum cocktail when there’s a professional bartender to make it for them,” says Crowell. “But if they’re at home and have to fend for themselves, a Rum & Coke will suffice.”

In its simplest form, rum dates back as far as the third century BCE. The liquor as we know it today was first produced in 1620, and America’s first rum distillery was founded on Staten Island in 1664.

Bartender 608 caters about 150 events and celebrations in a typical year. You can learn more by visiting the company’s website.