In the 608: Art teacher’s snow sculptures spreading positivity

TOWN OF WIOTA, Wis. – We’re all about spreading some good news here in the 608 every morning. There’s a Wisconsin woman who’s using art to spread positivity. Her most recent projects have a lot of people talking.

This is something Nikki Cooper has done for years, but it may have been more important than ever this time around.

You’ll find her snow sculptures in the Town of Wiota in Lafayette County. Cooper says she loves using what Mother Mature leaves behind to create something amazing, whether that be in the snow or on the beach. This is her tradition going back to her early days of being a mom.

“I really think I ended up with some of my grandfather’s hand because I’m basically self-taught,” Cooper said. “The only thing is he would visualize things realistically, and I on the other hand would visualize things realistically, but when they come out of my hands, they come out as cartoons. So a little bit different, but I love it all the same.”

Cooper is an art teacher at St. Victor School, an author/illustrator, and she’s also part of the Green Chicks Studio with Suzanne Miller in Monroe. She says she loves showing her students how art can transform into more than just its form but also spreading smiles and joy as well.

Nikki tells News 3 Now she will continue to share her creations with others. This winter, what started as a purple gorilla began to melt, so she turned it into a shark from her favorite movie Jaws. Cooper believes art is one of the best ways to spread some sunshine and something that anybody can do.

“Everybody is creative and a snowman is just as beautiful and magical as a snow sculpture. I just like to encourage everybody to go outside and play in this great weather that we have,” Cooper said. “We’re so fortunate to live in Wisconsin because we get all four seasons, and they are fantastic.”

Cooper says this is the time of year where it’s bittersweet because of the warming temperatures, but there’s always something new to create no matter the weather. She says she is honored and humbled to continue to share her art and bring some magic and smiles to the 608.