In the 608: Ainsley’s Angels spreading joy

MADISON, Wis. – Ainsley’s Angels has been around for more than a decade, but every single day the non-profit is putting smiles on more and more faces right here in the 608.

For 10-year-old Liam, the only way he wants to move is fast. Liam is part of the organization that has offered him an opportunity to be involved in an activity he would never be able to do on his own.

Liam has poor balance, delayed motor skills, and low muscle tone. His mom, Sara Cerar, can’t thank Ainsley’s Angels enough for the love and support for her son and family.

“It’s been really special to us,” Cerar said. “It’s really brought him a lot of joy. It regulates him, so he gets in the chair and is off and running.”

Briley Rossiter is the local ambassador. Her dad started the non-profit, inspired by her sister, Ainsley. They started rolling together as a family back in 2008. Now more than 70 locations are rolling across the country.

“We provide equipment for people with disabilities to be included in athletic events, specifically races, like 5ks all the way up to marathons,” Rossiter explained.

Madison’s group focuses on running, where it’s completely free to the rider.

“Over time, we know that this was something that needed to be shared with more people and more communities, because we saw the joy it brought my sister to be included and be running alongside me and my dad,” Rossiter added. “We believe that people with disabilities are valuable members of the community, who deserve to be included, providing this opportunities to get off the sidelines and to be included in the events and in the community, provides so much joy and so much positivity to everyone involved.”

It takes a lot of runners who volunteer their time to be part of the group. Liam’s already been able to be part of many local races in just his first year.

“He gets to cheer people on,” Cerar added. “We’ve spent his whole life cheering him on, and now he gets to do that for other people, completely unprompted. So yes, it’s meant a big deal to us.”

Briley Rossiter is also the author of a book called “Born an Angel.” She wrote it at just 12-years-old about the inspiration her sister gives her in keeping the mission of Ainsley going forward. Purchasing the book directly from the foundation ensures the most dollars go right to the cause.

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