In the 608: Abby Barr giving back to Sun Prairie through fitness

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. — Abby Barr has spent the last three years trying to find a way to give back.

“I knew after the explosion I was meant for something more, without realizing it was kind of right in front of me,” Barr explained.

Just blocks from where the 2018 explosion happened in downtown Sun Prairie, Barr is taking on a new adventure. This month, she took over ownership of Burn Boot Camp’s Sun Prairie location.

“I don’t know why, I just felt a pull to come here and put some structure in my life,” Barr said.

Four Christmases after losing her husband, Cory, and the father to her twin girls, Barr keeps moving forward

“I do it for my mental health, the physical health is just an added bonus,” Barr added. “It’s a community that’s there to rally around you, and encourages you, and inspires you, and to help you do things you didn’t think you could do.”

Barr actually joined the gym back in 2018, just months before the explosion, and has been a member ever since.

“I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since I was seven,” Barr explained. “I’ve also been dealing with a lot of mental health issues since July of 2018. This place has been my outlet and a huge part of my healing process throughout my grief.”

When she’s not busy running the operation, you’ll find Abby working out with the other members on the floor, making new memories just down the road from her old ones.

“For me, I drove by it to get here every day. I could’ve taken a different route, but like everything else I’ve faced with my grief journey, I faced it head on,” Barr said. “To be in a building and another business in downtown Sun Prairie, in an area that means so much to me, is a blessing.”

Barr says she’s excited to continue to raising her family at home and now her growing fitness family at the gym.

“The community rallied behind me so much during that time and over the last couple of years that I now have the opportunity to do that for them,” Barr concluded.

Abby Barr purchased Burn Boot Camp’s Sun Prairie location from Howard and Tina Schumaker. They still own the rest of Burn Boot Camp locations across greater Madison.