In the 414: Bucks fans celebrate in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — For the first time in 50 years, the Bucks are NBA champions, and fans are overjoyed.

With 17,000 people inside the Fiserv Forum and 65,000 people in the Deer District, there were 80,000 people cheering on the Bucks Tuesday night.

Many fans were ecstatic watching their team win the championship. News 3 Now was out with some of them last night, and they had plenty to say.

“Happy for the team, happy for Milwaukee,” Charles, a Bucks fan said.

Vincent, another fan in the Deer District, said he’s been cheering for the team since he was a kid.

“I knew this team had it in them all the time. I’ve been saying it since I was this tall, you know what I’m saying?”

On Thursday, fans will have another chance to celebrate when the Bucks hold a championship parade. Details for the parade are still in the works, but Bucks President Peter Feign expressed a lot of excitement about it during an interview with WTMJ.

“Live! Live! Live! Get ready Milwaukee for Thursday!” Feign said. “Parade on Thursday, what? Oh my god!”