In-Home Stylist

hat does it take to design the décor for a home with several influences—contemporary, organic, traditional? An interior designer, homeowners who know what they want, and retailers and antique shops that carry the furnishings.

Natasha Vora, owner of contemporary Asian furnishings store Indocara, provided fresh insight as well as the finishing touches to some of the rooms in the Rings’ home.

“My furniture works well in the home, as [Nancy] told me the ceilings were high, there was a lot of glass and a lot of light, and the room looked out to a vast prairie.” That’s why Vora worked with the Rings on picking out a pair of rich brown sofas and chic slipper chairs by Nathan Anthony for the living room to match the earthiness of the place, but mixed it up by adding a long, sleek and decidedly minimalist bamboo TV console. Vora’s sense of mixing and matching is reflected in other rooms, where teak benches were added to the dining room table and Asian accent pillows sit atop a camel bone inlaid bench.

“Just because you have a certain style to your home doesn’t mean you can’t add that one statement piece on it’s own,” Vora says. “Don’t be afraid to mix things up.”

Here are more of Vora’s picks from other local retailers that add pop to a room for a little—or a lot.

“This chair is fun—not everything has to be serious. It’s got all of this interesting detail. With the studs it has a French quality to it, but the fabric adds a fun element.”$1,531, The Giving House

“These could fill a corner and add texture.”Topiaries, $59–$125, Fontaine

“These are so interesting—they have a nice pattern and it reminds me of what you see in southeast Asia in bars and restaurants.”Framed vintage wallpaper, $60, Iconi Interiors

“I just love that [this console is] so clean looking. It has a Japanese style to it with the legs set in. This could be used as a buffet or you could have holes drilled in the back for a DVD player. There aren’t a lot of great, long pieces of furniture like this.”Gerard leo long bamboo cabinet, $2,800, Indocara

Shayna Miller is associate and style editor of Madison Magazine.