Impact of John Doe documents is up to voters

Impact of John Doe documents is up to voters

Despite the claims of both supporters and opponents of Governor Walker the information contained in the newly unsealed John Doe documents is nowhere close to black and white.

So little in politics is these days.

Taken as literally as possible the documents shed a little more light on the state of campaign finance laws in this country today and, in the end, seem to suggest that while the coordinated campaign efforts at the heart of the investigation are unethical they are probably not illegal. However, despite what the Governor might wish or say, this issue is not over. Not even close.

While the law of the land may allow unethical campaigning candidates must still explain their position on these activities and why they do or do not engage in them. While he may choose not to, we believe it is legitimate to ask Walker to explain to the citizens of this state why he and his supporters and his campaign do what they do.

Other candidates for Governor will be expected to do the same. Ultimately the decision of what is right and wrong is up to us, the voters. And how candidates respond to the information included in the John Doe document will help with that decision.