Image of what 20-year-old cold case John Doe may have looked like released

Image of what 20-year-old cold case John Doe may have looked like released
A 2016 sketch of a man referred to as John Clinton Doe. His remains were found along Turtle Creek in Rock County in 1995. FILE.

A new likeness of what a John Doe may have looked like in his teens was released Tuesday to help with a more than 20-year-old Rock County cold case.

John Doe’s remains were found in November 1995 by Turtle Creek. Investigators estimate his body had been there a year before they found him. The remains of the white man 17-20 years of age were found near the creek in the town of Bradford.

The unidentified man became known as John Clinton Doe, officials said.

New Look Investigations released the image of what the young man could have looked like when he was 16 years old. They believe JCD may have aged out of the foster/group home system, which is why a missing-persons report was never filed.

Nothing was found at the scene other than a couple of pieces of clothing, a pendant and a single shoe, but officials hope new technology will help give them more information on JCD’s identity.

Neighbors in the area said they might have seen a man fitting the description stumbling in the same creek where the body was found a year later. Throughout the years, the unknown man has been referred to as River Man, and those investigating the case believe the two men are one and the same.

Through the efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Rock County officials said they received a new facial approximation for John Doe in 2014 that they hoped would trigger the memory of someone who may have known him.

Officials plan to distribute the new image to social service agencies to see if anyone remembers and can identify the man, according to a release.

Officials ask anyone with information in the case or who may recognize the person in the rendering to contact the Rock County Sheriff’s Office at 608-757-7927.