‘I’m grateful I made it here’: Fundraiser helps homeless families find homes

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MADISON, Wis. — Local activists have been demanding change in Madison for some time, but now they’re asking community members to put their money where their mouth is to help the homeless community.

Local activists and community members gathered at James Madison Park on Saturday afternoon for a fundraiser, with all of the proceeds going to two Madison couples facing homelessness.

The fundraiser consisted of selling items from Reparations Thrift and an art auction from various local artists.

One of the couples to benefit from the fundraiser is Maleyk and Cherokee Mason.

“We’re currently homeless. We stay right outside of Walgreens on the Capitol Square,” Maleyk Mason said.

The money raised today will help them find a more permanent place to live.

“I feel grateful for these people to try and help me out,” Mason said.

There was no shortage of support from the community.

“Pretty much everyone that I reached out to said yes,” Cedar Worth, an organizer, said.

Organizers like Worth said they feel obligated to help their neighbors out.

“Especially as white people, to step up and help the community,” Worth said. “It’s not safe right now or ever for people to be homeless in Downtown Madison.”

The Mason’s say they are just happy to be surrounded by people who care.

“I’m just grateful that I made it here,” Mason said. “Everyone out here is family. No matter what race you are. I really don’t care. You’re family.”

A GoFund Me page was also started for the Mason’s.