‘I’m feeling great’: 107-year-old Milwaukee woman celebrates birthday by reuniting with family

Trudy Klapperich

MILWAUKEE (WDJT) — A special birthday is being celebrated on Thursday, July 30 in Milwaukee.

A local woman who lives at the Milwaukee Catholic Home is turning 107-years-old.

Dozens gathered to celebrate Trudy Klapperich.

“Oh I’m feeling great,” she said. “I always feel great.”

The celebrations included visits from her family members and the Milwaukee Fire Department.

The 107-year-old said the days go by fast, but she enjoys them by staying busy.

“They act like I’m sick because I should be at 107, but I’m not, I’m more spry than I’ve ever been,” Klapperich said.

The great, great grandmother spends her days crocheting, reading and walking.

“She’s a little pistol,” Klapperich’s granddaughter Sheree Shaw said.

Due to the pandemic, Klapperich hasn’t been able to see her family, but that changed on Thursday.

“They’re just wonderful,” she said.

Klapperich said she takes her spiritual life very seriously and believes that’s part of the reason why she feels so good.

“God has been good to me, I have no complaints,” she said.

Shaw said she hopes at this time next year the entire family will be back in Milwaukee celebrating Klapperich’s 108th birthday.