Illegal passing of farm equipment puts lives in danger

Illegal passing of farm equipment puts lives in danger

Highway 73 is a busy road, and this time of the year, it is busier still with farm equipment using it to get from one field to another.

Donovan Huebner is busy planting 1,000 acres of corn and said impatient drivers are creating dangerous situations for everyone.

“You always have to wonder if you’re going to get creamed on the road or what’s going to happen to you,” Huebner said.

Earlier this week he said he was nearly hit twice on the same day by vehicles trying to pass him in no passing zones.

In 2011, a Wisconsin law allowed the passing of a vehicle in a no passing zone that is going less than half the speed limit. In 2014, the law was changed to exclude the passing of farm equipment in no passing zones.

Because of the size of some farm equipment, it can limit the visibility of a passing vehicle and take longer to pass.

Last year, the realities of the dangers of passing farm equipment in no passing zones were realized.

“Last fall, our neighbor up here was involved in an accident. He was turning left into his driveway and somebody came up behind him and passed him, and there was a fatality because of it,” farmer Seth Braker said.

Huebner said he sees drivers pass farm equipment frequently, and he worries that someone else will get hurt.

“We have enough worries and stress doing this job let alone worrying about getting hit by a car or a truck or a semi. We want to go home too and see our family,” Huebner said.