Deadline to remove ice fishing shanties approaching

MADISON, Wis. — With the calendar turning to March and warmer temperatures in the forecast, the Wisconsin DNR is reminding people that they only have a handful of days left to get their ice fishing shanties off state waterways.

Ice shanties that are not removed daily need to be removed from all state waters by March 15. Shanties on inland waters south of Highway 64 need to be off the ice by the first Sunday following March 1 — which is this Sunday.

Shanties on Lake Michigan, Green Bay, Lake Superior and inland waters north of Highway 64 by next Sunday, March 13. The deadline for boundary waters between Wisconsin and Michigan is March 15.

People can still go ice fishing after those dates, but must use portable shanties and move them off the ice when they aren’t being actively used and at the end of each day. As temperatures warm, the DNR also urges everyone planning on going ice fishing to check with local fishing clubs and bait shops for current ice conditions, because the DNR does not monitor ice depth.

The DNR says no ice is considered 100% safe, especially as we head into spring. You can find more information on the DNR’s ice tips on their website.