Western Wisconsin homicide case delayed as suspect can’t find public defender

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) — A Monroe County homicide case is being delayed again.

The suspect, Shawn Hock, can’t find an attorney. Hock is charged with the May 2022 battery and homicide of 32-year-old Sara Latimer.

Hock qualifies for a public defender, but Judge Todd Ziegler says there are a limited number of public defenders who are qualified to try a homicide case. So far, the state hasn’t been able to hire one.

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“I have a recent update from yesterday. There have been 123 contact so far to try and locate council for Mr. Hock and at this point no one as accepted the appointment,” explains Ziegler.

Judge Ziegler hopes the state can find Hock an attorney by October. In the meantime, the 32-year-old remains behind bars. Hock is being held on $500,000 dollars cash.