UW-La Crosse students unable to complete degrees due to student teaching placement challenges

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — A group of UW-La Crosse students and soon-to-be teachers is stuck — not able to complete their degrees.

Because of high demand and a lack of space, education students in the Broadfield Social Studies program aren’t able to find student teaching placements in local schools.

They’re calling on campus leaders to make changes to the program.

Besides high demand, challenges brought on to schools during the pandemic have put a lot of stress on the program.

“A lot of people got an email literally the night before classes started this semester,” junior and Broadfield Social Studies Education major Conner Brekke said. “So, it really didn’t give us an opportunity to even explore the idea of transferring.”

UWL has about 100 students enrolled in its Broadfield Social Studies program.