Bruce Davis reveals inside scoop on Oscars, talks about new book ‘The Academy and the Award’ | Streamed & Screened podcast

‘ The Academy And The Award’ An Interview With Bruce Davis
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The Hollywood awards season is heating up, with every week seeing big-name Best Picture contenders going up on marquees across America.

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On this very special episode we have a full-length interview with Bruce Davis, executive director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for more than 20 years, who has a fascinating new book out that documents the behind-the-scenes history of the golden man himself: Oscar.

Longtime listeners are well aware that host Bruce Miller has been an avid follower of all things Academy Awards since before he was covering the entertainment beat, so the conversation touches on loads of interesting anecdotes and revelations that Bruce Davis unearthed from some of the farthest flung parts of the AMPAS archives.

You can order “The Academy and the Award” from Brandeis University Press.

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