Political campaign signs vandalized with spray-painted swastikas in Holmen area

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) — Multiple large campaign signs were vandalized overnight in Holmen.

Spray-painted swastikas now cover signs promoting 3rd District Congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden.

Van Orden is running as a Republican in the upcoming midterm election.

One of the signs belongs to homeowner Stan Richason, who says there are better ways to voice an opinion during election season.

“It annoys me that they came and vandalized my sign when they can take and put a sign up for the opposing view if they wanted to,” said Richason. “They talk about political divisiveness, well, this sure doesn’t heal it.”

Richason says he feels whoever did it invaded his privacy.

The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

Van Orden put out a statement about the vandalism, saying:

“This is just the latest in a series of attempts by the Left to censor and silence those who think differently than they do. Vandalism like this and attempts to silence political speech are unacceptable, regardless of party affiliation. I am running to represent everyone in the 3rd District, including those who disagree with me.”