Mayo teams work to keep high school track athletes chasing gold in La Crosse safe

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- The best high school track and field athletes are chasing a state title in La Crosse.

UW-L is hosting the WIAA state track and field championships. Roughly 3,000 athletes and 20,000 fans will spend the weekend in the Coulee Region. It’s a huge event for the city. The event boosts the local economy by about 4-million dollars. For area athletes, winning a state title is priceless.

Mayo Clinic Health System staff are standing by at UWL to help state track athletes that may need medical attention. The team of two doctors and a dozen athletic trainers usually treat sprained ankles and some pulled muscles.

“We have a great staff here. We have a lot of different athletic trainers so we’re able to manage a lot of different injuries all at once if they occur. Some we’re able to take care of on the field, other ones we’re able to bring back here into the athletic training room to take care of them in a more controlled setting,” explains Dr. Scott Kuzma.

In an emergency, Dr. Kuzman says the team has protocols in place to get seriously injured athletes to the hospital.