“Justice has to be served”: Parents of Major Harris’ mother struggle with loss and unanswered questions

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT)- For the first time, we are hearing from Mallery Muenzenberger’s parents. Muenzenberger and her three-year-old son, Major Harris, were killed in Milwaukee during the second week of October.

Muenzenberger’s father and stepmother describe her as a sweet girl with the biggest smile. They say Mallery loved to have fun and make people laugh; even if it would make her look a little silly.

Paul and Mary Muenzenberger shared a home video of their grandson Major. They say the three-year-old was a tough little boy. “If he falls down and skins a knee or something, I mean, he would just get up and shake it off”, says Mary.

Mallery was buried following a private service in the La Crosse area. Major’s father, Carlton Harris, is planning to bury Major in Madison. Mallery’s parents are hoping Harris will reconsider and allow them to bury Major with his mom.

“She was there when he took his first breath. She was there when he took his last breath. We just want them to be buried together, ” says Mary.

Milwaukee police made a handful of arrests in connection to Muenzenberger’s death, but no one has been charged. Investigators have not made any arrests in Major’s case. Paul and Mary are praying the person or people responsible will be charged. “People need to pay for what they did to Mallery and Major. Justice has to be served, ” says Paul.

If you would like to share your condolences with the Muenzenberger family, you can send them to the Schumacher-Kish funeral home in La Crosse.