They were ‘amazing people and were loved so much’: Here’s what we know about the University of Idaho victims

Xana Kernodle was a positive, funny woman who made her big sister, Jazzmin, very proud.

Kernodle was one of four students brutally killed on Sunday in the house they shared off-campus at the University of Idaho, authorities said.

“Xana was one of the best people I have ever known,” Jazzmin Kernodle said in a statement to CNN. “She made me such a proud big sister, and I wish I could have had more time with her. She had so much life left to live.”

The university identified the four students killed as Ethan Chapin, 20, of Conway, Washington, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, of Rathdrum, Idaho, Xana Kernodle, 20, of Avondale, Arizona, and Madison Mogen, 21, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

These are the stories of the victims.

Xana Kernodle

Kernodle was loved by many and she was one of a kind, her sister says.

“You rarely get to meet someone like Xana,” Jazzmin Kernodle said. “She was so positive, funny and was loved by everyone who met her. She was so lighthearted, and always lifted up a room.”

Kernodle’s family is “at a loss for words” as to what happened, she says.

“Our hearts go out to Kaylee, Maddie and Ethan and all their families as well,” Kernodle said. “They were all amazing people and were loved so much. My sister was so lucky to have them in her life.”

Jazzmin reminded people to tell their loved ones how much they mean to you. She wishes she could have had one more hug with her little sister.

Xana Kernodle was a junior studying marketing and was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, the university said.

Ethan Chapin

Ethan Chapin was a kind and loyal person that his mother will miss intensely.

“Ethan lit up every room he walked into and was a kind, loyal, loving son, brother, cousin, and friend,” his mother, Stacy Chapin, said in a statement.

“Words cannot express the heartache and devastation our family is experiencing,” she said. “It breaks my heart to know we will never be able to hug or laugh with Ethan again, but it’s also excruciating to think about the horrific way he was taken from us.”

Chapin was one of a set of triplets, all of whom are enrolled at the University of Idaho, the family said in a statement. He was a freshman majoring in recreation, sport and tourism management and a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, the university said.

His father called for police to release more information about the open case.

“There is a lack of information from the University of Idaho and the local police, which only fuels false rumors and innuendo in the press and social media,” Jim Chapin said in the statement. “The silence further compounds our family’s agony after our son’s murder. For Ethan and his three dear friends slain in Moscow, Idaho, and all of our families, I urge officials to speak the truth, share what they know, find the assailant, and protect the greater community.”

Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen

Kaylee Goncalves’ older sister, Alivea Goncalves, sent a statement to the Idaho Statesman on behalf of her family and Madison Mogen’s family.

“They were smart, they were vigilant, they were careful and this all still happened,” she said. “No one is in custody and that means no one is safe. Yes, we are all heartbroken. Yes, we are all grasping. But more strong than any of these feelings is anger. We are angry. You should be angry.”

Goncalves was a senior majoring in general studies and a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, according to the university.

Mogen, also a senior, was studying marketing and was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, the university said.

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