Evaluating potential summer breakout hits ‘Bullet Train,’ ‘Sandman,’ ‘Prey’ and more! | Streamed & Screened podcast

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The consensus for this week’s streaming and screening is that there are a lot of potential surprise breakouts.

The big fish in the pond is “Bullet Train,” the assassin action comedy starring Brad Pitt and a stacked supporting cast, but don’t discount the long awaited “Sandman” series (based on Neil Gaiman’s comic series) that’s hitting Netflix on Friday, the “Predator” prequel “Prey” hitting Hulu (and its alternate audio dun entirely in Comanche), the LGBTQ+ conversion camp slasher “They/Them” on Peacock that connects Kevin Bacon back to his horror roots, and too many other great options to rattle off here so you’ll just have to listen to get the lowdown on the highlights.

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