Daycares in Wisconsin use extra precautions as kids under five remain unvaccinated

Wisconsin (WKBT) —  The ABCs and 123s were once the center of daycare learning. Now, it’s all about washing hands, wearing a mask, and avoiding germs. With precautions like wiping down toys and wearing a mask, Grandma’s Arms Learning Center is doing everything it can to slow the spread of COVID among children.

“They’ll try to pull my mask down, and I’ll be like oh, I can’t all the germs. I really can’t do that,” director of Grandma’s Arms, Desiree Running said.

Local daycares are doing everything they can to avoid shutting down due to COVID. Sproutlets daycare believes teaching kids about masks is important.

“It’s our responsibility and our duty to tell the kids, hey you know what? You need to wear a mask,” owner Azmina Brennan said.

Since the start of the pandemic, Sproutlets Daycare has been forced to shut down once.

“We got tested positive and you know, I had to shut the daycare for three weeks,” Brennan said.

Shutting down isn’t the only obstacle some daycares have had to face. Grandma’s Arms Early Learning Center is facing a staffing shortage. Four teachers are currently quarantining, leaving other teachers to take on multiple classes.

“We’re trying to accommodate and get like our substitutes in and figure out ratios with the children,” Running said.

Running says communication is key to keeping the daycare running.

“I keep telling the girls please let me know if you’re sick or if your child at home is sick,” Running said. “Because we do have some pregnant moms and we just don’t want to give it to them.”

An important message the staff are also sharing with kids.

“That way we’re stopping the spread for the little ones as much as possible,” Running said.

Kids under the age five are one of the only groups that are still ineligible for a vaccine. Running believes as the kids at the daycare that are over the age of five get vaccinated, the spread of COVID will slow down in daycares.