Couple arrested after they’re seen having sex on amusement park ride, police say

Couple Arrested After They’re Seen Having Sex On Amusement Park Ride, Police Say
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Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point has a long list of guidelines for people who go on the amusement park’s many rides. Refraining from sexual intercourse while on the ride would seem to be a given.

Apparently not. A man and woman, both 32 years old, were arrested Sunday on charges of public indecency after witnesses say they saw the couple having sex while on the Giant Wheel, the park’s 145-foot tall Ferris wheel.

Sandusky police were called to the park just after 8:30 p.m. Sunday, according to a police report. Four females, including two juveniles, told police they saw the couple having sex in the one of the ride’s cabins above them.

The couple initially denied they had sex during the ride, with the woman, a resident of Miamisburg, Ohio, telling police she was wearing shorts under her dress and that she had dropped a pack of cigarettes. She said she had bent over to pick up the pack and that her boyfriend had helped her.

However, the witnesses told police that it was clear the couple were partially nude and were engaging in sex. They also said the couple knew the females could see them but laughed and did not stop. One of the witnesses told police she was “shaken” by the incident and called it “traumatizing,” according to the police report.

Despite the witnesses, the male suspect, of Ruskin, Florida, continued to deny the couple had engaged in sex. After being told two of the witnesses were juvenile girls, the couple admitted to having intercourse on the ride and were arrested, the report says.

Both the man and woman appeared Monday in Sandusky Municipal Court and posted bond, according to court records. The public indecency charges are first-degree misdemeanors.