American Red Cross, Team Rubicon taking donations and volunteers for Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy

FORT MCCOY, Wis. (WKBT) — The American Red Cross and Team Rubicon are joining other groups in helping the Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy, according to a release from the base.

“There has been a generous outpouring of support from the local community asking for ways to help the vulnerable Afghans being welcomed and temporarily sheltered here at Fort McCoy,” said the base on Facebook. “While the American Red Cross is aggressively working to meet the immediate needs of our growing population, there are many things the local community can do to help.”

The base linked to the American Red Cross donation page as well as the Team Rubicon page to volunteer to help.

The Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse is also providing assistance through donations and a gift registry set up through Amazon.

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