“I was so scared. I thought I was gonna die” Madison police investigate after woman says a gun was pointed at her

Madison Police Department logo with cop car in background

MADISON, Wis. Madison police are investigating after a woman said someone pointed a handgun at her on the city’s west side.

According to the Madison Police Department, the 49-year-old woman was driving near West Beltline Highway around 10:30 p.m. Thursday as someone in the vehicle behind her was driving with bright headlights on.

When she arrived to the intersection of Mineral Point and Gammon Roads, she stopped for a red light.

That’s when the driver in the other vehicle pulled up next to her, rolled down the window and allegedly pointed the gun at her.

The woman told police she was “so scared. I thought I was gonna die.”

The woman told police the drivier was a 18 to 24 year old white man with short blonde hair.

He was wearing a black jacket and traveling in a newer white Infiniti with tinted windows.