‘I took my work to heart’: Black Panthers co-founder Bobby Seale speaks at Madison College

MADISON, Wis. – Political activist and Black Panthers co-founder Bobby Seale visited the area to speak at Madison College Tuesday night.

Seale spoke with media beforehand, touching on being inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and quitting his job to become an activist.

“I took my work to heart, and that’s the way I was,” he said.

Seale gained prominence when he was arrested in 1968, being blamed for playing a role in inciting a riot outside the Democratic National Convention.

On Tuesday, Seale also spoke about starting the Free Breakfast for Children program.

When asked what message he has for the new generations, he stressed the importance of education.

“The most important thing is to know how to learn, not only to read and write but know how to learn, know and research,” Seale said. “Research from a scientific standpoint, a practical standpoint, and make sure your beliefs and understandings and realizations, as you grow them, make sure they correspond to reality.”