I is for IPAs

From citrus to smooth, here's your guide to...
I is for IPAs

Toy Boat
A brisk and lingering classic American IPA. Vintage Brewing Company

Slight bitterness, citrus notes and easy drinkability. An American IPA for non-IPA drinkers. Next Door Brewing Company

Miroir Noir
Belgian abbey malts and resin-y hops blended for a Belgo-American IPA. Vintage Brewing Company

Bedlam! IPA
There’s nothing boring about this fruity, yeasty and full-bodied Belgian IPA, a Madison must-have. Ale Asylum

Velveteen Habit
Floral and refreshing, a great bundle-up brew for chilly winter months. Ale Asylum

Imperial IPA
A sharp west coast IPA with heavy floral and pine hops. Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.

Speedway IPA
Toasty malts and reserved hops create an amber haze. Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.

Bilbo Baggins Black IPA
Dark, smooth, dry and balanced. A magical pint. One Barrel Brewing Company

Hopticity Jones IPA
Copper-colored and dank with herbal hop. One Barrel Brewing Company

Fantasy Factory IPA
Aromatic and ripe, an infamous brew to escape into. Karben4

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