‘I hope this never happens again’: Community reacts after Madison’s first homicide of 2022

MADISON, Wis. — All was quiet on South Carroll Street in downtown Madison on Friday, two days after a man was fatally shot steps from the Dane County Jail.

Jim Carpenter, who works next door to the jail, hopes it stays quiet.

“I hope that this is one and done. I hope this never happens again,” he said.

Around 5 p.m. Wednesday, a Madison man in his 30s was shot and killed after being released from the jail. Police have made two arrests in the case, which Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes has called “a premeditated and pre-planned targeted incident.

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“You can see where all of the shots hit the building, they have them all circled so it’s pretty startling,” Carpenter explained.

While he was not at work at the time of the shooting, his son Max Carpenter was.

Max Carpenter explained that initially, he thought the sound of gunfire was some type of firework or a car backfiring. He remained inside the apartment complex until he heard someone screaming for help.

“You don’t expect things like that to happen in the daytime or maybe, you don’t expect something like that to happen anywhere in the city at all,” he said.

A homicide in broad daylight across the street from Madison’s police headquarters was something Jim Carpenter could have never imagined, until now.

“As the police chief said, it’s pretty brazen to do it right in front of the Madison central police department,” he said.