‘I guess file unemployment for now’: Chemtool employee describes waking up to workplace on fire

ROCKTON, Ill. — A massive fire at the Chemtool facility in Rockton Monday morning caused mass evacuations and dozens of people to lose their jobs.

“I woke up this morning around 10 a.m. to a lot of missed calls saying my job is on fire,” said chemical operator Victor Torres.

Torres said he worked at the facility for the past nine months and has never experienced anything like this before.

“Everyone got on out time, which is a good thing because everyone is safe,” Torres said.

Torres was supposed to start his shift at 2 p.m. but never got the chance to clock in. He said 10 other people were supposed to work that shift with him, and are equally as shocked.

“They’re all pretty shook up about it too,”Torres said. “We were all supposed to come in at 2 but we got the message not to come in.”

Torres said he isn’t sure what the status of the Chemtool facility looks like in the near future, but for now, he plans on filing for unemployment