‘I don’t need to know to bundle up’: Madison woman sarcastically responds to our winter weather coverage

Randi Leeder is feeling how so many of us feel about winter weather at this point

MADISON, Wis. — Randi Leeder has lived in Wisconsin her entire life. Now retired, she spent Thursday afternoon shoveling snow off the sidewalks that surround her corner home.

“You think I’d be used to it. It’s Wisconsin. But it’s BS,” Leeder said.

Leeder said she has a wonderful son who usually comes by to help remove snow. But this time, her son isn’t in town to help as she sarcastically said that he “is on a little Valentine’s weekend with his honey” this week.

When asked how she really felt about winter, Leeder said, “Oh hell no. I pretty much hate it.”

Leeder is a regular consumer of news and constantly keeps an eye on the weather. She said she is particularly a fan of News 3 Now.

“I seriously do like Channel 3 the best. I think Gary is right to the point and he doesn’t mess around like some of the others.”

But Leeder said she’s tired of the weather. She’s tired of talking about it, too.

“It’s pretty stupid. I mean, it’s going to happen people! Don’t tell me to put sunglasses on when it’s sunny out. I know this. I have common sense. I don’t need to know to bundle up when it’s going to be 10 below.”

Obviously, we are going to keep talking about it because people watch and we need to keep them informed on what’s going on. Although when we asked what she would rather the news talk about when there’s a snow event, Leeder said, “The Brewers!”

At least Leeder gives credit to city snow plow drivers for clearing the streets.

“They do a good job,” she said. “It’s going to be snow packed here. That’s the way it is. I’m used to it. Whatever.”

Yeah, whatever. This is just the way it is.