Husband arrested in Janesville homicide case

Woman had filed for divorce

The husband of a woman found dead in Janesville Saturday has been arrested on suspicion of first degree intentional homicide.

Janesville police said Krystofer R. R. Carlisle, 54, was arrested Wednesday after an investigation into the death of Traci Moyer, 46, who was found dead in a house at 315 West Racine St.

Moyer had recently filed for a divorce from Carlisle, according to police.

Soon after Moyer’s body was found, Carlisle was taken to the hospital from the home. Police said he was found in “medical distress.”

An autopsy found the cause Moyer’s death was ligature strangulation, according to investigators.

Neighbors said they have been worried about the relationship between Moyer and Carlisle in the past, but never thought it would end like this.

“Just a crying shame that it happened to a good person, you know?” said neighbor Michael Buggs.

He said the older of Moyer’s two daughters knocked on his door around 2 a.m., concerned about her mother.

She explained how Moyer was supposed to pick up her younger sister from school, but didn’t show up. The daughters’ attempts at contacting Moyer went unanswered.

Buggs said he walked up to the home with Moyer’s daughter, and they called the police on the way. He said they tried to get in through the front door with no luck, but found the car running in the driveway.

Buggs explained that when police arrived, they had to break through the back door in order to get into the house. He watched Carlisle leave in an ambulance, but was shocked when Moyer didn’t come out of the house alive.

“Unfortunately, the other ambulance that was there was empty, and it left,” Buggs said.

“And I just had a gut feeling that nothing was right on that part of it, you know.”

Cheryl Gent lives across the street and knew the couple.

“We just wanted her to come out of the house, walking, or maybe on a stretcher to an ambulance, but being alive,” Gent said. “We did not expect her to come out with the coroner.”

Gent said Moyer and Carlisle were in the midst of a separation, and the neighbor was sometimes worried for the safety of Moyer and her daughters.

“I wouldn’t have dreamt it would have happened across the street from where I live. That was just too much to comprehend,” Gent said.