Check your school district here: Hundreds of K-12 students, staff remain in quarantine in south central Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — News 3 Now is tracking COVID-19 cases and quarantines in school districts throughout south central Wisconsin. For the week ending October 1, hundreds of staff and students remained in quarantine after testing positive or being a close contact of a positive case, throughout the region.

What to know:

  • The News 3 Now dashboard below lists the date the data was last updated. In most cases, that date reflects the date listed on the school district’s own dashboard. When that date is not made available, the date listed is when News 3 Now last checked the district’s dashboard.
  • If a county is listed but you do not see your school district, that is most likely because that district is not yet publicly providing that data. Some districts provided dashboards last year but have not yet posted a dashboard this year; in some cases, districts have told us that is because they do not have enough cases to warrant one. However, if you know of a newly-available dashboard in a county listed that we’ve missed, please feel free to send us the link at
  • Our resources are limited, so we are not providing this dashboard for counties outside south central/south western Wisconsin.
  • We are trying to provide these updates in a style uniform to all school districts. Please keep in mind, however, that some districts are providing the total number of quarantines broken down by active cases and close contacts; others simply update positive case totals but do not list a total number of quarantines.
  • News 3 Now updates this article throughout the day on Friday and/or Monday. Districts update their own trackers on a daily, weekly, or as-needed basis throughout our region.
  • Date that News 3 Now last updated this dashboard: October 4, 2021

Columbia County School Districts

Cambria-Friesland COVID Dashboard: 21 students, staff in quarantine; 4 positive cases (Updated Oct. 1)

Columbus COVID Dashboard: 89 students, staff in quarantine; 14 positive cases (For week ending Oct. 1)

Dane County School Districts

DeForest COVID Dashboard: 122 students, staff in quarantine; 13 positive cases (Updated Oct. 1)

Madison Metropolitan COVID Dashboard: 933 staff and students in quarantine last 14 days; 144 positive cases in last 14 days (Updated Oct. 4)

McFarland COVID Dashboard: 18 in quarantine; 6 positive cases (Updated Oct. 1)

Middleton-Cross Plains COVID Dashboard: 3 positive cases, 0 close contacts (Updated Oct. 4)

Monona Grove COVID Dashboard: 12 current student cases, 12-16 staff and students currently in quarantine (Updated Sep. 27)

Mt Horeb COVID Dashboard: 88 staff, students in quarantine; 15 positive cases (updated Sep. 27)

Oregon COVID Dashboard: 13 active positive cases; 68 total cases to date (updated Mondays)

Stoughton COVID Dashboard: 66 staff, students in quarantine; 11 positive cases (Updated Sep. 30)

Sun Prairie COVID Dashboard: 100 staff, students in quarantine; 29 active positive cases (Updated Sep. 30)

Verona COVID Dashboard: 2 positive cases in last 7 days (Updated Oct. 4)

Waunakee COVID Dashboard: 8 staff, students in quarantine; 7 positive cases (Updated Sep. 27)

Grant County School Districts

Boscobel COVID Dashboard: 111 close contact staff, students in quarantine; 26 active positive cases (Updated Oct. 4)

Platteville COVID Dashboard: 13 positive cases in last 7 days; unknown number in quarantine (Updated Oct. 4)

Riverdale COVID Dashboard: 34 staff, students in quarantine; 3 positive cases (Updated Oct. 1)

Green County School Districts

Brodhead COVID Dashboard: 16 students and staff in quarantine, 11 positive cases (Updated Oct. 4)

Monroe COVID Dashboard: 65 students in quarantine; 8 positive cases (Updated Oct. 1)

Iowa County School Districts

Mineral Point COVID Dashboard: 7 positive cases, 124 close contacts quarantined (Updated for week ending Oct. 1)

Jefferson County School Districts

Ft. Atkinson COVID Dashboard: 23 active cases; unknown number in quarantine (Updated Oct. 1)

Johnson Creek COVID Dashboard: 0 current positive cases (Updated Oct. 4)

Lake Mills COVID Dashboard: 3 positive cases (Updated Sep. 29)

Palmyra-Eagle COVID Dashboard: 1 current positive case, 4 in quarantine (Updated Sep. 28)

Watertown COVID Dashboard: 263 staff and students in quarantine; 34 current positive cases (Updated Oct. 1)

Rock County School Districts

Beloit COVID Dashboard: 25 current positive cases; unknown number in quarantine (Updated Oct. 1)

Evansville Community COVID Dashboard: 12 active positive cases, unknown number in quarantine (Updated Oct. 1)

Janesville COVID Dashboard: 28 staff and students in quarantine; 19 current positive cases (Updated Sep. 29)

Sauk County School Districts

River Valley COVID Dashboard: 9 active positive cases; unknown number in quarantine (Updated Oct. 1)